Synonyms for abstemious

Synonyms for (adj) abstemious

Synonyms: abstemious

Definition: sparing in consumption of especially food and drink

Usage: the pleasures of the table, never of much consequence to one naturally abstemious- John Galsworthy

Similar words: abstentious, abstinent

Definition: self-restraining; not indulging an appetite especially for food or drink

Usage: not totally abstinent but abstemious

Similar words: ascetic, ascetical, austere, spartan

Definition: practicing great self-denial

Usage: Be systematically for no other reason than that you would rather not do it- William James; a desert nomad's austere life; a spartan diet; a spartan existence

Synonyms: abstemious, light

Definition: marked by temperance in indulgence

Usage: abstemious with the use of adverbs; a light eater; a light smoker; ate a light supper

Similar words: temperate

Definition: not extreme in behavior

Usage: temperate in his habits; a temperate response to an insult; temperate in his eating and drinking

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