Definitions for upright

Definitions for (noun) upright

Main entry: upright, upright piano

Definition: a piano with a vertical sounding board

Main entry: upright, vertical

Definition: a vertical structural member as a post or stake

Usage: the ball sailed between the uprights

Definitions for (adj) upright

Main entry: unsloped, upright

Definition: in a vertical position; not sloping

Usage: an upright post

Main entry: erect, upright, vertical

Definition: upright in position or posture

Usage: an erect stature; erect flower stalks; for a dog, an erect tail indicates aggression; a column still vertical amid the ruins; he sat bolt upright

Main entry: just, upright, good

Definition: of moral excellence

Usage: a genuinely good person; a just cause; an upright and respectable man

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