Definitions for squeeze out

Definitions for (verb) squeeze out

Main entry: wring out, squeeze out

Definition: extract (liquid) by squeezing or pressing

Usage: wring out the washcloth

Main entry: eject, force out, squeeze out, squirt

Definition: cause to come out in a squirt

Usage: the boy squirted water at his little sister

Main entry: extrude, squeeze out

Definition: form or shape by forcing through an opening

Usage: extrude steel

Main entry: eke out, squeeze out

Definition: obtain with difficulty

Usage: He eked out some information from the archives

Main entry: squeeze out, eke out

Definition: make by laborious and precarious means

Usage: He eked out a living as a painter

Main entry: squeeze out

Definition: force out

Usage: Some employees were squeezed out by the recent budget cuts

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