Definitions for fret

Definitions for (noun) fret

Main entry: fret

Definition: a small bar of metal across the fingerboard of a musical instrument; when the string is stopped by a finger at the metal bar it will produce a note of the desired pitch

Main entry: fret, Greek fret, Greek key, key pattern

Definition: an ornamental pattern consisting of repeated vertical and horizontal lines (often in relief)

Usage: there was a simple fret at the top of the walls

Main entry: fret, worn spot

Definition: a spot that has been worn away by abrasion or erosion

Main entry: stew, swither, sweat, lather, fret

Definition: agitation resulting from active worry

Usage: don't get in a stew; he's in a sweat about exams

Definitions for (verb) fret

Main entry: eat away, fret

Definition: wear away or erode

Main entry: fret, erode, eat away

Definition: remove soil or rock

Usage: Rain eroded the terraces

Main entry: scratch, rub, chafe, fret, fray

Definition: cause friction

Usage: my sweater scratches

Main entry: fret, gag, choke

Definition: be too tight; rub or press

Usage: This neckband is choking the cat

Main entry: fret

Definition: decorate with an interlaced design

Main entry: fret

Definition: carve a pattern into

Main entry: fret

Definition: be agitated or irritated

Usage: don't fret over these small details

Main entry: grate, fret, rankle, eat into

Definition: gnaw into; make resentful or angry

Usage: The injustice rankled her; his resentment festered

Main entry: fret

Definition: cause annoyance in

Main entry: niggle, fret, fuss

Definition: worry unnecessarily or excessively

Usage: don't fuss too much over the grandchildren--they are quite big now

Main entry: fret, gall, chafe

Definition: become or make sore by or as if by rubbing

Main entry: fret

Definition: provide (a musical instrument) with frets

Usage: fret a guitar

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