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Synonyms for spread out

Synonyms for (verb) spread out

Synonyms: string out, spread out Definition: set out or stretch in a line, succession, or series Usage: the houses were strung out in a long row

Similar words: set up, arrange Definition: put into a proper or systematic order Usage: arrange the books on the shelves in chronological order

Synonyms: spread, spread out, unfold, open Definition: spread out or open from a closed or folded state Usage: open the map; spread your arms

Similar words: undo Definition: cancel, annul, or reverse an action or its effect Usage: I wish I could undo my actions

Synonyms: disperse, dissipate, scatter, spread out Definition: move away from each other Usage: The crowds dispersed; The children scattered in all directions when the teacher approached;

Similar words: part, split, separate Definition: go one's own way; move apart Usage: The friends separated after the party

Synonyms: rotate, splay, spread out, turn out Definition: turn outward Usage: These birds can splay out their toes; ballet dancers can rotate their legs out by 90 degrees

Similar words: turn Definition: change orientation or direction, also in the abstract sense Usage: Turn towards me; The mugger turned and fled before I could see his face; She turned from herself and learned to listen to others' needs

Synonyms: diffuse, fan out, spread, spread out Definition: move outward Usage: The soldiers fanned out

Similar words: spread, distribute Definition: distribute or disperse widely Usage: The invaders spread their language all over the country

Synonyms: expand, spread out Definition: extend in one or more directions Usage: The dough expands

Similar words: grow Definition: become larger, greater, or bigger; expand or gain Usage: The problem grew too large for me; Her business grew fast

Synonyms: spread, spread out, scatter Definition: strew or distribute over an area Usage: He spread fertilizer over the lawn; scatter cards across the table

Similar words: distribute, circulate, pass around, pass on Definition: cause be distributed Usage: This letter is being circulated among the faculty