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Synonyms for pleasing

Synonyms for (noun) pleasing

Synonyms: pleasing Definition: the act of one who pleases

Similar words: gratification Definition: the act or an instance of satisfying

Synonyms for (adjective) pleasing

Synonyms: pleasing Definition: giving pleasure and satisfaction Usage: a pleasing piece of news; pleasing in manner and appearance

Similar words: admirable Definition: inspiring admiration or approval Usage: among her many admirable qualities are generosity and graciousness

Similar words: charming Definition: pleasing or delighting Usage: endowed with charming manners; a charming little cottage; a charming personality

Similar words: delicious, delightful Definition: greatly pleasing or entertaining Usage: a delightful surprise; the comedy was delightful; a delicious joke

Similar words: easy Definition: affording pleasure Usage: easy good looks

Similar words: fab, fabulous Definition: extremely pleasing Usage: a fabulous vacation

Similar words: good Definition: capable of pleasing Usage: good looks

Similar words: gratifying, sweet Definition: pleasing to the mind or feeling Usage: sweet revenge

Similar words: ingratiating Definition: capable of winning favor Usage: with open arms and an ingratiating smile

Similar words: sweet Definition: pleasing to the senses Usage: the sweet song of the lark; the sweet face of a child