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Synonyms for organized

Synonyms for (adjective) organized

Synonyms: organized Definition: methodical and efficient in arrangement or function Usage: how well organized she is; his life was almost too organized

Similar words: methodical Definition: characterized by method and orderliness Usage: a methodical scholar

Similar words: well-conducted Definition: characterized by good organization and control Usage: a well-conducted meeting

Synonyms: organized Definition: formed into a structured or coherent whole

Similar words: arranged Definition: planned in advance Usage: an arranged marriage

Similar words: configured Definition: organized so as to give configuration to Usage: a magnet is surrounded by a configured field

Similar words: corporate, incorporated Definition: organized and maintained as a legal corporation Usage: a special agency set up in corporate form; an incorporated town

Similar words: re-formed Definition: formed again or anew Usage: the re-formed scout troop has been very active

Similar words: reorganised, reorganized Definition: organized again Usage: a reorganized business

Synonyms: organised, organized, unionised, unionized Definition: being a member of or formed into a labor union Usage: organized labor; unionized workers; a unionized shop

Similar words: union Definition: of trade unions Usage: the union movement; union negotiations; a union-shop clause in the contract