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Synonyms for leading

Synonyms for (noun) leading

Synonyms: leadership, leading Definition: the activity of leading Usage: his leadership inspired the team

Similar words: activity Definition: any specific behavior Usage: they avoided all recreational activity

Synonyms: lead, leading Definition: thin strip of metal used to separate lines of type in printing

Similar words: strip, slip Definition: artifact consisting of a narrow flat piece of material

Synonyms for (adjective) leading

Synonyms: leading Definition: going or proceeding or going in advance; showing the way Usage: we rode in the leading car; the leading edge of technology

Similar words: directing, directional, directive, guiding Definition: showing the way by conducting or leading; imposing direction on Usage: felt his mother's directing arm around him; the directional role of science on industrial progress

Similar words: guiding Definition: exerting control or influence Usage: a guiding principle

Synonyms: leading, stellar, prima, star, starring Definition: indicating the most important performer or role Usage: the leading man; prima ballerina; prima donna; a star figure skater; the starring role; a stellar role; a stellar performance

Similar words: major Definition: of greater importance or stature or rank Usage: a major artist; a major role; major highways

Synonyms: preeminent, leading Definition: greatest in importance or degree or significance or achievement Usage: our greatest statesmen; the country's leading poet; a preeminent archeologist

Similar words: superior Definition: of or characteristic of high rank or importance Usage: a superior ruler

Synonyms: in the lead, leading, ahead Definition: having the leading position or higher score in a contest Usage: he is ahead by a pawn; the leading team in the pennant race

Similar words: up Definition: being or moving higher in position or greater in some value; being above a former position or level Usage: the anchor is up; the sun is up; he lay face up; he is up by a pawn; the market is up; the corn is up