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Synonyms for inquiring

Synonyms for (noun) inquiring

Synonyms: questioning, inquiring Definition: a request for information

Similar words: asking, request Definition: the verbal act of requesting

Synonyms for (adjective) inquiring

Synonyms: inquiring Definition: given to inquiry Usage: an inquiring mind

Similar words: fact-finding, investigative, investigatory Definition: designed to find information or ascertain facts Usage: a fact-finding committee; investigative reporting

Similar words: inquisitive Definition: inquiring or appearing to inquire Usage: an inquiring look; the police are proverbially inquisitive

Similar words: inquisitorial Definition: having the authority to conduct official investigations Usage: the inquisitorial power of the Senate

Similar words: inquisitorial Definition: marked by inquisitive interest; especially suggestive of an ecclesiastical inquisitor Usage: the press was inquisitorial to the point of antagonism; a practical police force with true inquisitorial talents- Waldo Frank

Similar words: inquisitory, searching, probing Definition: diligent and thorough in inquiry or investigation Usage: a probing inquiry; a searching investigation of their past dealings