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Synonyms for imbibe

Synonyms for (verb) imbibe

Synonyms: imbibe Definition: receive into the mind and retain Usage: Imbibe ethical principles

Similar words: ingest, absorb, assimilate, take in Definition: take up mentally Usage: he absorbed the knowledge or beliefs of his tribe

Synonyms: imbibe, drink Definition: take in liquids Usage: The patient must drink several liters each day; The children like to drink soda

Similar words: consume, have, ingest, take, take in Definition: serve oneself to, or consume regularly Usage: Have another bowl of chicken soup!; I don't take sugar in my coffee

Synonyms: assimilate, imbibe Definition: take (gas, light or heat) into a solution

Similar words: absorb Definition: become imbued Usage: The liquids, light, and gases absorb