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Synonyms for forward

Synonyms for (noun) forward

Synonyms: forward Definition: a position on a basketball, soccer, or hockey team

Similar words: position Definition: (in team sports) the role assigned to an individual player Usage: what position does he play?

Synonyms: forward Definition: the person who plays the position of forward in certain games, such as basketball, soccer, or hockey

Similar words: basketball player, basketeer, cager Definition: an athlete who plays basketball

Synonyms for (verb) forward

Synonyms: send on, forward Definition: send or ship onward from an intermediate post or station in transit Usage: forward my mail

Similar words: transport, send, ship Definition: transport commercially

Synonyms for (adjective) forward

Synonyms: forward Definition: at or near or directed toward the front Usage: the forward section of the aircraft; a forward plunge down the stairs; forward motion

Similar words: full-face, gardant, guardant Definition: looking forward

Similar words: headfirst, headlong Definition: with the head foremost Usage: a headfirst plunge down the stairs; a headlong dive into the pool

Synonyms: forward Definition: used of temperament or behavior; lacking restraint or modesty Usage: a forward child badly in need of discipline

Similar words: cheeky, brash, nervy Definition: offensively bold Usage: a brash newcomer disputed the age-old rules for admission to the club; a nervy thing to say

Similar words: bumptious, self-assertive Definition: offensively self-assertive

Similar words: overfamiliar Definition: taking undue liberties Usage: young women disliked the overfamiliar tone he took with them

Similar words: overbold, smart, sassy, saucy, wise, impertinent, impudent, fresh Definition: improperly forward or bold Usage: don't be fresh with me; impertinent of a child to lecture a grownup; an impudent boy given to insulting strangers; Don't get wise with me!

Similar words: presumptuous, assuming, assumptive Definition: excessively forward Usage: an assumptive person; on a subject like this it would be too assuming for me to decide; the duchess would not put up with presumptuous servants

Synonyms: forward, forward-moving, advancing Definition: moving forward

Similar words: progressive Definition: favoring or promoting progress Usage: progressive schools