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Synonyms for favourable

Synonyms for (adjective) favourable

Synonyms: prosperous, golden, favorable, favourable, lucky Definition: presaging or likely to bring good luck Usage: a favorable time to ask for a raise; lucky stars; a prosperous moment to make a decision

Similar words: propitious Definition: presenting favorable circumstances; likely to result in or show signs of success Usage: propitious omens; propitious gales speeded us along; a propitious alignment of planets for space exploration

Synonyms: favorable, favourable Definition: occurring at a convenient or suitable time Usage: an opportune time to receive guests

Similar words: convenient Definition: suited to your comfort or purpose or needs Usage: a convenient excuse for not going

Synonyms: favorable, favourable Definition: (of winds or weather) tending to promote or facilitate Usage: the days were fair and the winds were favorable

Similar words: following Definition: in the desired direction Usage: a following wind

Synonyms: favorable, favourable Definition: encouraging or approving or pleasing Usage: a favorable reply; he received a favorable rating; listened with a favorable ear; made a favorable impression

Similar words: affirmative, approbative, approbatory, approving, plausive Definition: expressing or manifesting praise or approval Usage: approbative criticism; an affirmative nod

Similar words: indulgent Definition: being favorably inclined Usage: an indulgent attitude