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Synonyms for experiment

Synonyms for (noun) experiment

Synonyms: experiment, experimentation Definition: the act of conducting a controlled test or investigation

Similar words: research project, scientific research Definition: research into questions posed by scientific theories and hypotheses

Synonyms: experiment Definition: a venture at something new or different Usage: as an experiment he decided to grow a beard

Similar words: venture Definition: any venturesome undertaking especially one with an uncertain outcome

Synonyms: experiment, experimentation Definition: the testing of an idea Usage: it was an experiment in living; not all experimentation is done in laboratories

Similar words: inquiry, research, enquiry Definition: a search for knowledge Usage: their pottery deserves more research than it has received

Synonyms for (verb) experiment

Synonyms: experiment Definition: to conduct a test or investigation Usage: We are experimenting with the new drug in order to fight this disease

Similar words: investigate, look into Definition: investigate scientifically Usage: Let's investigate the syntax of Chinese