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Synonyms for depth

Synonyms for (noun) depth

Synonyms: depth Definition: degree of psychological or intellectual profundity

Similar words: degree, grade, level Definition: a position on a scale of intensity or amount or quality Usage: a moderate grade of intelligence; a high level of care is required; it is all a matter of degree

Synonyms: depth Definition: the attribute or quality of being deep, strong, or intense Usage: the depth of his breathing; the depth of his sighs, the depth of his emotion

Similar words: attribute Definition: an abstraction belonging to or characteristic of an entity

Synonyms: deepness, depth Definition: the extent downward or backward or inward Usage: the depth of the water; depth of a shelf; depth of a closet

Similar words: extent Definition: the distance or area or volume over which something extends Usage: the vast extent of the desert; an orchard of considerable extent

Synonyms: deepness, depth, astuteness, profoundness, profundity Definition: the intellectual ability to penetrate deeply into ideas

Similar words: sapience, wisdom Definition: ability to apply knowledge or experience or understanding or common sense and insight

Synonyms: depth Definition: (usually plural) the deepest and most remote part Usage: from the depths of darkest Africa; signals received from the depths of space

Similar words: region, part Definition: the extended spatial location of something Usage: the farming regions of France; religions in all parts of the world; regions of outer space

Synonyms: depth Definition: (usually plural) a low moral state Usage: he had sunk to the depths of addiction

Similar words: degradation, abasement, abjection Definition: a low or downcast state Usage: each confession brought her into an attitude of abasement- H.L.Menchken