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Synonyms for debacle

Synonyms for (noun) debacle

Synonyms: fiasco, debacle Definition: a sudden and violent collapse

Similar words: collapse Definition: a natural event caused by something suddenly falling down or caving in Usage: the roof is in danger of collapse; the collapse of the old star under its own gravity

Synonyms: slaughter, whipping, walloping, trouncing, thrashing, debacle, drubbing Definition: a sound defeat

Similar words: licking, defeat Definition: an unsuccessful ending to a struggle or contest Usage: it was a narrow defeat; the army's only defeat; they suffered a convincing licking

Synonyms: debacle Definition: flooding caused by a tumultuous breakup of ice in a river during the spring or summer

Similar words: flood, inundation, deluge, alluvion Definition: the rising of a body of water and its overflowing onto normally dry land Usage: plains fertilized by annual inundations