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Synonyms for critical

Synonyms for (adjective) critical

Synonyms: critical Definition: marked by a tendency to find and call attention to errors and flaws Usage: a critical attitude

Similar words: captious, faultfinding Definition: tending to find and call attention to faults Usage: a captious pedant; an excessively demanding and faultfinding tutor

Similar words: censorious Definition: harshly critical or expressing censure Usage: was censorious of petty failings

Similar words: deprecative Definition: given to expressing disapproval

Similar words: overcritical, hypercritical Definition: inclined to judge too severely Usage: hypercritical of colloquial speech; the overcritical teacher can discourage originality

Similar words: searing Definition: severely critical

Similar words: scathing, vituperative Definition: marked by harshly abusive criticism Usage: his scathing remarks about silly lady novelists; her vituperative railing

Synonyms: critical Definition: characterized by careful evaluation and judgment Usage: a critical reading; a critical dissertation; a critical analysis of Melville's writings

Similar words: evaluative, appraising Definition: exercising or involving careful evaluations Usage: looked him over with an appraising eye; the literary judge uses many evaluative terms

Similar words: discriminative, judicial Definition: expressing careful judgment Usage: discriminative censure; a biography ...appreciative and yet judicial in purpose-Tyler Dennett

Synonyms: critical Definition: being in or verging on a state of crisis or emergency Usage: a critical shortage of food; a critical illness; an illness at the critical stage

Similar words: acute Definition: of critical importance and consequence Usage: an acute (or critical) lack of research funds

Similar words: dangerous, grave, grievous, life-threatening, serious, severe Definition: causing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm Usage: a dangerous operation; a grave situation; a grave illness; grievous bodily harm; a serious wound; a serious turn of events; a severe case of pneumonia; a life-threatening disease

Similar words: dire, desperate Definition: fraught with extreme danger; nearly hopeless Usage: a desperate illness; on all fronts the Allies were in a desperate situation due to lack of materiel- G.C.Marshall; a dire emergency

Synonyms: critical Definition: at or of a point at which a property or phenomenon suffers an abrupt change especially having enough mass to sustain a chain reaction Usage: a critical temperature of water is 100 degrees C--its boiling point at standard atmospheric pressure; critical mass; go critical

Similar words: supercritical Definition: (especially of fissionable material) able to sustain a chain reaction in such a manner that the rate of reaction increases

Synonyms: critical, decisive Definition: forming or having the nature of a turning point or crisis Usage: a critical point in the campaign; the critical test

Similar words: crucial, important Definition: of extreme importance; vital to the resolution of a crisis Usage: a crucial moment in his career; a crucial election; a crucial issue for women

Synonyms: critical, vital Definition: urgently needed; absolutely necessary Usage: a critical element of the plan; critical medical supplies; vital for a healthy society; of vital interest

Similar words: indispensable Definition: not to be dispensed with; essential Usage: foods indispensable to good nutrition