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Synonyms for available

Synonyms for (adjective) available

Synonyms: available Definition: obtainable or accessible and ready for use or service Usage: kept a fire extinguisher available; much information is available through computers; available in many colors; the list of available candidates is unusually long

Similar words: accessible Definition: easily obtained Usage: most students now have computers accessible; accessible money

Similar words: acquirable Definition: capable of being acquired

Similar words: addressable Definition: capable of being addressed Usage: addressable memory

Similar words: easy Definition: less in demand and therefore readily obtainable Usage: commodities are easy this quarter

Similar words: forthcoming Definition: available when required or as promised Usage: federal funds were not forthcoming

Similar words: getable, gettable, obtainable, procurable Definition: capable of being obtained Usage: savings of up to 50 percent are obtainable

Similar words: in stock Definition: available for use or sale Usage: they have plenty of stonewashed jeans in stock

Similar words: lendable Definition: available for lending Usage: lendable resources

Similar words: visible Definition: present and easily available Usage: the cash on hand is adequate for current needs; emergency police were on hand in case of trouble; a visible supply; visible resources

Similar words: on hand Definition: readily available Usage: there will be a wealth of information on hand from the lawyers

Similar words: on tap Definition: available for immediate use Usage: extra personnel on tap; other sports and entertainment facilities are on tap; there are numerous projects on tap

Similar words: on tap Definition: (of liquids) available by turning a tap Usage: ale on tap; hot and cold running water on tap

Similar words: open Definition: not having been filled Usage: the job is still open

Similar words: for sale, purchasable Definition: available for purchase Usage: purchasable goods; many houses in the area are for sale

Similar words: ready Definition: (of especially money) immediately available Usage: he seems to have ample ready money; a ready source of cash

Synonyms: available, usable, useable Definition: convenient for use or disposal Usage: the house is available after July 1; 2000 square feet of usable office space

Similar words: disposable Definition: free or available for use or disposition Usage: every disposable piece of equipment was sent to the fire; disposable assets

Synonyms: uncommitted, available Definition: not busy; not otherwise committed Usage: he was not available for comment; he was available and willing to accompany her

Similar words: free Definition: able to act at will; not hampered; not under compulsion or restraint Usage: free enterprise; a free port; a free country; I have an hour free; free will; free of racism; feel free to stay as long as you wish; a free choice