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Synonyms for abundant

Synonyms for (adjective) abundant

Synonyms: abundant Definition: present in great quantity Usage: an abundant supply of water

Similar words: abounding, galore Definition: existing in abundance Usage: abounding confidence; whiskey galore

Similar words: copious, ample, rich, plenteous, plentiful Definition: affording an abundant supply Usage: had ample food for the party; copious provisions; food is plentiful; a plenteous grape harvest; a rich supply

Similar words: voluminous, copious Definition: large in number or quantity (especially of discourse) Usage: she took copious notes; a subject of voluminous legislation

Similar words: easy Definition: obtained with little effort or sacrifice, often obtained illegally Usage: easy money

Similar words: riotous, profuse, exuberant, lush, luxuriant Definition: produced or growing in extreme abundance Usage: their riotous blooming

Similar words: thick Definition: abounding; having a lot of Usage: the top was thick with dust

Similar words: long Definition: having or being more than normal or necessary:"long on brains" Usage: in long supply

Similar words: rife, plethoric, overabundant Definition: excessively abundant

Similar words: plentiful Definition: existing in great number or quantity Usage: rhinoceroses were once plentiful here

Similar words: rampant Definition: (of a plant) having a lush and unchecked growth Usage: a rampant growth of weeds

Similar words: rank Definition: growing profusely Usage: rank jungle vegetation

Similar words: superabundant Definition: most excessively abundant

Similar words: teeming Definition: abundantly filled with especially living things Usage: the Third World's teeming millions; the teeming boulevard

Similar words: torrential Definition: pouring in abundance Usage: torrential rains

Similar words: verdant Definition: characterized by abundance of verdure